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The Living Harmony Centre January 10, 2011

We just came across this wonderful place online. It is an international residential centre in Slovenia whose aim is to help people reconnect with nature and the natural world. Their retreats, seminars, workshops and conferences are all geared towards enhancing healing and individual transformation on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The centre is set within 3 acres of natural beauty, and the centre and the land have been harmonized using Living Harmony and Feng Shui principles to promote an atmosphere in which people can regenerate, feel calm, relax, energise and tranform. The centre has been furnished by local craftsmen using natural materials.

They also create products based on Sacred Geometry and Symbols to enhance harmony in your environment and within yourself, which they sell on their online shop:

The workshops run by the centre for spiritual development and self-growth are open to anyone seeking development, harmony and healing. For example, Pierre Pradervand is running ‘The Gentle Art of Blessing’ in April, on the benefits of using blessing as a tool for healing. Carolyn Cowan is running a workshop on Leadership and Liberation for empowering women of the 21st century, enabling them to keep their own identity as women, and let go of the need for anger or blame. Carolyn uses Kundalini Yoga techniques and meditations to challenge perceptions and promote freedom.

Participants will leave with personalised plans for growth. Contact Viviane Fingerhut to book at or telephone her on 020 8958 1740.

So for a trip to this beautiful centre in Slovenia to heal and rejuvenate, visit