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Eco Event – one not to be missed! October 5, 2011

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The annual Schumacher Centenary Festival, 8-9 October 2011, is pulling in a massive crowd this year ( From Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party, to the poet Matt Harvey, the collection of speakers is truly awe-inspiring. At this festival, Bill Mckibben, founder of & author of End of Nature, Polly Higgins, environmental lawyer and Satish Kumar, Editor of Resurgence, join the compilation of famous names to talk a little about their view for the future of the planet. The weekend celebrates the life of Schumacher, author of Small is Beautiful and A Guide for the Perplexed and pioneer of green economics.

The future is looming and mankind needs to take a moment to work out where it stands. Green issues such as landfill sites, global warming and damage to the ozone layer are potential minefields and need to be assessed by leaders in the know. This festival, which spans a weekend this autumn, is packed with lectures and workshops about the environment, and an evening concert of music from India, Africa and the UK. It will be held at the Colston Hall in Bristol, returning to the place it was originally staged in 1978.

In ‘an audience with…’ do you dream of watching Peter Blom or listening enthralled to Rob Hopkins? If so the Schumacher festival will keep your inner green spirit thriving.


The Big Green Home Show! September 8, 2011

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Rising energy bills, a tough economic climate, and a Government drive to reduce carbon emissions mean that creating an energy-efficient home has never been so important.

It is now easier than ever to build green, and achieve a house that’s comfortable to live in, economical to run, and has a reduced impact on the environment. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the Big Green Home Show, hosted by BuildStore at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre, and this year will be no different. Building on the success of the past three shows, and the ever–increasing interest in all things eco, the three-day event will feature even more products, seminars and experts, as well as the unique ‘walking seminars’ by green experts. You’ll find invaluable expert advice on the essential eco elements to help you decide what’s best for your home and your pocket.

The UK is now the world’s sixth largest low-carbon and environmental economy, and still growing. It is no longer just a ‘wish-option’ to be energy-efficient. At this year’s Big Green Home Show, you can sit in on seminars and get one-to-one advice from industry experts on the latest legislation, regulations and Government schemes and how they will affect your project.

With the new incentives for renewable electricity and heating, the Government are essentially rewarding you for not plugging into the grid and the sums seem to be stacking up. You can find out more about the funding of your project from BuildStore’s team of specialist finance advisors at the Show, including the exclusive Eco Accelerator mortgage.

“At the Big Green Home Show, you’ll find plenty of expert advice and guidance on the essential eco elements you need to consider, and understand. As well as, talking directly to manufacturers and eco experts; our unique Centre allows you to see all the latest products and systems in-situ, in our three full-sizes houses.  It’s the UK’s brightest eco exhibition, and could help you save pounds as well as the planet.”

For comprehensive and impartial advice on green self build, renovation and home improvement, visit the Big Green Home Show (28th – 30th October 2011) at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon, just off Junction 16 of the M4. To book free tickets or for more information, visit the website at  or call 0845 223 4455. Tickets on the door: £10 per adult or £15 per couple


The Isbourne Holistic Centre

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As the field of holistic well-being extends its reach into the wider community, places like the Isbourne Holistic Centre in Cheltenham are increasing in popularity.

 The idea of cultivating some kind of inner-peace has been around for millennia. The idea of an essence, soul or spirit has developed over time and space and has been indoctrinated, structured and theorised by varying belief systems throughout history. Recently the UK has seen a shift in spiritual healing and it is being re-introduced into society not just as a religious or an alternative form of treatment but as a therapy of relaxation with both psychological and physiological benefits. The changing tide in attitude towards holistic wellbeing can be seen in the mainstream media, with sections devoted to regaining a sense of inner peace challenged by external stressors caused by modern life. As Mind, Body and Spirit are being noticed and nourished, places like Isbourne are becoming very important parts of society.

 The Isbourne Holistic Centre, established in 1995, aims to ‘create positive lives through education’. The overall idea is to let go of the outside world and indulge in something new that will make you feel fit, nourished, relaxed or stimulated alongside other people looking for a positive experience. Janie Whittemore, the Centre Manager, explains: “The overall aim is to offer joyful and meaningful experiences to as many as possible, embracing all ages, cultures and creeds with love and understanding”. Offering great feedback, one customer explains they felt the “reverberations of the opening to divine love” during one class, whilst another simply stated they felt blissfully relaxed.

 Endeavouring to ‘cultivate a deeper sense of purpose and self-awareness’, the centre reaches out with its Holistic Education Programme that aims to promote healing, social responsibility, compassion, meditation and celebration. Classes are set at an affordable rate to diminish exclusivity. Isbourne has attracted internationally renowned speakers and authors like Byron Katie and Brandon Bays, as well as TV presenters like Peter Owen Jones and Graham Hancock, who have shared their knowledge with like-minded individuals. There are many treatments on offer at the centre from the well-known to the unusual.

 Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST) – now offered at Isbourne – is a treatment focussing on the corresponding movement between the cranium and the sacrum (the head and the very base of the spine).  With a basis in osteopathy, it was designed to alleviate the pressures affecting the cranium and spine by re-articulating the body into a state of re-balance. The founder of CST, William Sutherland, was initially criticised by scientists for the lack of empirical evidence, however Sutherland’s treatments took a change in direction when he noticed another dimension to the treatment, an aura he referred to as the Breath of Life. The focus became more spiritual than osteopathic and practitioners no longer needed to be schooled in physiology in order to gain positive results as they focussed upon the emotional and psychological aspects of their patients instead.

 Sharon Henshall, founder and editor of Inspired Times Magazine recently visited the Isbourne Holistic Centre in Cheltenham to experience CST at the hands of Claire Seabrook. Describing the therapy as “subtle yet soothing”, Sharon felt nurtured and cared for and enjoyed the atmosphere of the therapy. “Knowing nothing about CST before the treatment, I was unsure what to expect,” she says. “I found it intriguing and the results made me feel peaceful and contemplative. I would recommend the process to anyone.”

 CST is an instinctive therapy that attempts to tune into emotional states with subtle touches to the skull and spinal pressure points. Different to a massage or therapies that are very tactile, the peaceful balanced feeling following the treatment and the emotional dialogue throughout helped achieve a sense of soothing and solace that was powerful in its subtlety.

For those wondering how the workshops, classes and talks are chosen, Janie has some simple objectives, it must “help educate, responsibly inform and enlighten without prejudice” and on everything from belly dancing to Shamanic Dreamtime Ceremonies to the more usual Imaginative Writing classes, it really is a positive source of inspiration. A hub of holistic healing in the West of England, it really is a beacon of light against the greys of every day.

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