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Perfect eco-gift for kids and parents! December 9, 2011

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Image                                                                                 ImageIf you are a bit stuck for gift ideas this Christmas, or have a rather large family to buy for, why not purchase a board game? They are fun for all ages and much cheaper and easier than getting individual pressies!

Go Green Board Game  is a new, fun and educational board game, designed to allow you to become self-sufficient and green – if only for a few hours! The box contains miniature pigs, chickens and hay bales to fill your garden with. You can also grow fruit and veg in your allotment. It has been raved about by many, and now here at Inspired Times, we are joining in on the fun!

 As you work your way around the board with a wheelbarrow, all of these items can be collected and added to your (hopefully!) thriving patch of land. Along the way you get to learn some amazing facts about sustainability through ‘Natural Selection’ multiple-choice cards. If you get the answer right, you win a hay-bale to feed your livestock. If not, you still learn eco-information about some rather amazing facts, such as the UK imports 90% of all its fruit!

To add risk to the fun, ‘Green Fingers’ cards throw obstacles in your path of going green. Foxes may eat your chickens, or your own animals may eat your vegetables! You never know which way it will go in this engaging and innovative game.

The winner is the person who grows the most fruit and veg in their allotments and who owns the most animals in their gardens the first!

Play to your hearts content with kids and adults alike. If it’s good enough for Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, it’s good enough for us!


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